Thursday, 3 March 2016

Breakfast in Old Buckenham

Thinking about our village future

Book the date of Saturday 19 March into your diary. Make the effort to support Terry Cracknell who is arranging and sponsoring this event on behalf of the Parish Council. Following breakfast, the morning discussion will be on three important issues:
Preparing a Neighbourhood Plan for Old Buckenham has now started. What should be the way forward, what are your views and, perhaps more important, your concerns? Chaired by Jonathan Kemp.
The moving of Chapel Road School to Old Buckenham is supported by the Parish Council. However over 100 students are involved, each with a one-to-one carer. What infrastructure is needed to accommodate them? Should we have to meet any costs to accommodate four schools in the village?  How about safety issues ? Chaired by Steve Milner.
Old Buckenham Village Green, discussing the way forward. Chaired by Sarah Dye.

Please attend, enjoy breakfast, and contribute or hear others views on what has to be done for the future of the community and village. The parish council have set up working parties on these issues and your views are essential to ensure we are moving in the right direction.

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