Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Old Buckenham WI and the national resolution

Mid-year resolution
These are exciting times for the WI with many events to celebrate the organisation’s centenary year. Three members from Old Buckenham attended the special Royal Garden Party at Buckingham Palace and two were at the Royal Albert Hall for the national Annual General Meeting two days later.
At the May meeting in the village hall, discussion took place on the Resolution which was to be presented at the AGM. This resolution sought to remove the distinction between nursing care and personal care in the assessment of the needs of individuals, in order to advance health and wellbeing. It became clear that Old Buckenham members felt that this resolution had been poorly thought out and it was not a viable proposition to link nursing and personal care. The members’ voting was largely against the Resolution with only one for and three abstentions. To lighten the evening’s proceedings, members then had a most enjoyable game of ‘Call My Bluff’.
Those members who attended the live screening of the national AGM in the village hall found that these views of Old Buckenham members were those of the membership in general who decided to ‘pass’ on the resolution rather than vote on something that they thought was not viable.

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