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Latest Old Buckenham Parish Council minutes

Parish Council in June
The following report has been written by the blog editor from the draft minutes and so may contain information that is amended at a later date.
Those present at the meeting on Thursday 4 June were Steve Milner (chairman), Jonathan Kemp (vice-chairman), Carol Marshall, Adrian Joel, Sarah Hornbrook, Tom Johnson, Mike Farrington, Ben Devlin and Terry Cracknell as well as James Watling (parish clerk). Five members of the public also attended.
Apologies for not being able to attend had been received from Rona Boggia and the chairman informed meeting that Tim Bornett had now resigned from the parish council..
There were various declarations of interest on items on the agenda - the parish council as a shareholder of the Green Right Proprietors, Steve Milner on an item on the Village Hall and Terry Cracknell on an item on the Green.
The meeting was suspended for a short while to allow members of the public to ask questions. (A summary of the points raised will be posted on this blog in the next couple of days.)
Minutes of the May Parish Council meeting. These were signed as a true and accurate record of the meeting. There were no matters arising.
Minutes of the Annual General Meeting held in May. These were signed as a true and accurate record of the meeting.
Matters arising from the AGM minutes. Terry Cracknell said there was no mention of having a second public recess at future meetings. Steve Milner said that this had been discussed after the meeting closed.
Adoption of Complaints Procedure. The policy was adopted, agreed unanimously.
Adoption of Risk Assessment of Financial and Non-Financial Internal Audit Controls. The policy was adopted, agreed unanimously.
Adoption of new standing order. Steve Milner explained that last year a vote was taken at a parish council meeting that, because of special circumstances, was attended by only four councillors. A vote was taken on an item and the vote was split two for and two against. He had used his casting vote for the proposal and it was considered at a later parish council meeting that it was not right for a minority of the parish council to pass a motion. Adrian Joel proposed there should be no change to the quorum levels that currently exist and this was seconded by Terry Cracknell. Jonathan Kemp then proposed an amendment to the first proposal that the quorum level be increased to a majority of the current serving members of the Parish Council which at present time would be 6, this was seconded by Carol Marshall and agreed with six for and three against.
Road safety measures. Steve Milner said the proposal to purchase a SAM2 flashing speed sign was raised at May meeting where it was asked to be deferred to the June meeting. Councillors had asked for further information on their effectiveness and Derek Smalley had researched this and found wide evidence of their effectiveness. Steve Milner had circulated councillors with details of performance and guarantees of the system at £3050 plus vat. Various councillors then expressed their views on the issue. Steve Milner then proposed that the Parish Council purchase the SAM2 system, this was seconded by Mike Farrington and voted as two for, five against and two abstentions.
New dog bin. Tom Johnson proposed the installation of a dog bin opposite St Andrews Close and this was agreed unanimously.
Review of policy documents. Health and safety policy – Tom Johnson, 

Village emergency plan – Steve Milner, 
Council financial risk assessment – Jonathan Kemp 
and the Freedom of Information publication scheme – Steve Milner.
Allocation of working parties. The following responsibilities were agreed:
Planning - Sarah Hornbrook.
SNAP - TomJohnson.
Attleborough Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group - Terry Cracknell and Tom Johnson.
Village Hall representatives - Tom Johnson and Terry Cracknell.
Personnel - Steve Milner, Adrian Joel and Mike Farringdon.
Neighbourhood Plan - Jonathan Kemp, Sarah Hornbrook and Adrian Joel.
Tour of Britain - Mike Farringdon and Ben Devlin.
Almshouses - Carol Marshall.
Play Area- Ben Devlin, Steve Milner and Mike Bartlett.
Recreation Area - Carol Marshall and Jonathan Kemp.
Allotments- Adrian Joel.
Chapel Road School - Steve Milner.
Green Right Proprietors - Ben Devlin.
Traffic Development Plan- Rona Boggia.
Neighbourhood Plan. Steve Milner said Jonathan Kemp and others had looked into the benefits of a Neighbourhood Plan and gave an excellent presentation at the Annual Parish meeting. He suggested that another presentation be made at the July meeting for the benefit of the new councillors.
Village Hall grant. Steve Milner informed the meeting that the Village Hall has been awarded a grant of £3,500 by the Parish Council to insulate the village hall roof. They had obtained three quotes and were proposing to go with one of them which was affordable. Subsequently the builder had withdrawn that quote and submitted one for a larger amount which village hall could not afford. He was asking for the Parish Council’s permission to use the grant for other heat saving measures. Jonathan Kemp proposed that the Village Hall continue with the insulation of the roof and hold on to the grant into the next financial year when they could apply for another grant. This was seconded by Terry Cracknell and agreed unanimously.
Planning applications. None.
Planning decisions received from Breckland. Redroof, Cake Street. Single storey extension to front of bungalow, changes to internal layout and provision of first floor bedroom. Application refused.
Chairman’s report. Steve Milner reported that the shopkeeper had suffered a heart attack and he had sent a card on behalf of the Parish Council. He is trying to get an update on the Chapel Road School as Norfolk County Council have had to delay the project due to the recent death of John Alston.
District Councillor’s report. Adrian Joel said he was elected again as Breckland Councillor for the new ward of “The Buckenhams and Banham”. The make up of Breckland District Council is now 42 Conservatives, four UKIP, two Labour and one Independent. He has been appointed to Scrutiny Commission, General Purposes and Planning Committee (substitute). Following the Issues and Options Consultations Document earlier this year, the Local Plan-Preferred Options Consultation Document will be published in November/December, this will include site specifics. There will be a new supplier (Cookstown Textile Recycling) for textiles collections from mid July. Breckland have sent out an update saying that government policy has changed with regard to developers paying towards Open Space and Play. Previously developers paid a contribution of £1,400 per property built but now this payment will only be payable on a minimum of 120 properties per development. Breckland are asking if any parish has any plans for open space or play areas in the near future. The housing needs survey was sent out to all residents in Old Buckenham in May, the response has been very good and the detailed report will be sent to the Parish Council in August/September. There will be a litter pick on the Green on Wednesday 17 June and another one in July carried out by Old Buckenham High School.
Parish Councillors’ reports. Tom Johnson said that the Village Fete is on Saturday 4 July. He then raised the matter of proposed road widening at St Andrews Close which has not yet been done. Adrian Joel replied on the matter and promised to keep Tom Johnson informed of developments. Terry Cracknell mentioned again the need for a public recess at the end of parish council meetings. He also raised the matter of the now defunct parking area at the pub and play area and said it needed to be sorted out quickly. He then thanked Ray Bayfield who had provided the new duckhouse on the pond. He then said both he and Ray Bayfield are hoping to have the two ponds cleaned and tidied in the near future and asked if anyone wished to contribute towards the costs. Adrian Joel said there are a number of bales of hay on the allotments and they are going to be used in a new trial for them to be used to grown food on. He also suggested that Parish Council construct a four-year plan and asked if councillors could come up with ideas for the plan and bring them to next meeting. He also suggested items for the next agenda including that of a second public recess. Carol Marshall said that the parking area outside pub and play area has become dangerous. Three people have recently tripped over the matting and it needs to be rectified urgently. Ben Devlin said he would deal with the matter. Carol Marshall said they now have a new contractor to look after the maintenance of the Recreation Area.
Parish Clerk’s report. The Clerk read out a letter from Mrs Day of Old Buckenham Ladies Hockey Club who have given some surplus funds of £731.29 to go towards either repairing any damaged benches on the Green or buying a new one with a small plaque and site it on the Green. Steve Milner will raise this matter with the Green Right Proprietors.
Highways. Large vehicles over 7.5 tonnes are ignoring the weight restriction signs near the Almshouses indicating there is no access to the A11. A new sign adjacent to the telephone box will be requested. St Andrews Close has a lot of potholes with white paint around them and it was asked when they were likely to be fixed. The Parish Clerk will to speak to Highways on the matter.
The Green. Nothing to report.

The next meeting of Old Buckenham Parish Council will be on Thursday 2 July at the Village Hall starting at 7.30pm.

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