Sunday, 5 October 2014

Old Buckenham Parish Council recess notes

What the residents said in October
These notes have been written by the blog editor and are based on a summary provided by the Parish Clerk.

A resident at the October Parish Council meeting raised the question of parking outside the public house near the play area. He informed the meeting that someone had nearly tripped up over the matting and it needed looking at urgently. Steve Milner said there was a meeting arranged for the next day at the parking area. It was also stated by the resident that the Green was looking untidy and that he knew of four or five volunteers who would help to tidy it up. He also suggested planting wild flowers and pathways around the pond area near the public house. Sarah Dye said it was great that volunteers were willing to help in tidying up the areas. She said the parking issue was not in her remit but she would work with Parish Council to find solutions. Jonathan Kemp and Adrian Joel also spoke on the matter of parking problems. A resident raised the problem of the fish and chip van parking at the public house on Wednesdays and that he was taking up most of the parking area. Sarah Dye, Tom Johnson and Adrian Joel spoke on the matter. The Parish Council is to speak to the owner of the van to try to seek a resolution. A resident raised matter of missing posts on the Green, she was informed that posts were not really allowed on the Green and Steve Milner informed the resident that it was not a matter for the Parish Council but the Green Right Proprietors. Another resident asked if there was an update on the Chapel Road School situation and Steve Milner said the item would be dealt with later on the Parish Council’s agenda.

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