Monday, 2 June 2014

Next Chapel Road School meeting in Old Buckenham

Date for drop-in meeting
The date has been announced as Tuesday 17 June at Old Buckenham Primary School from 3.30pm to 7.30pm with a presentation at 6pm.
The blog editor understands that a letter (with very vague artist's impressions of the proposed building) is being posted out today to all occupants of Old Buckenham and this will give you the opportunity to have your say on what is proposed. 

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Anonymous said...

After attending the parish council meeting Thursday i was speechless that this is a council drop in session and not a public consultation on the new school. It feels that this is already a done deal and that villagers and neighbouring villages do not have a say. This will have a massive impact on the village. The problems of traffic, parking, dangerous driving will not be addressed properly. Will it take a massive accident or a child to be knocked down before the whole of Old Buckenham and surrounding villages take action. We as a village much make a stand and attend this drop in session and make our views clear. Lets support our village