Tuesday, 10 June 2014

More on Old Buckenham June Parish Council meeting

Notes on the public recess
At the June meeting the members of the Parish Council agreed that it was happy for a summary of the items raised during the public recess to be reported. The follow report has been written by the blog editor from the material supplied to him.
A resident raised concerns over parking on the Green and asked what was happening with regard to tidying up the area. The resident had spoken to the pub landlord at the Ox and Plough who would put some money towards creating a pub parking area. Steve Milner informed the resident that a working party had been set up but they needed to get the views from all parties concerned. Carol Marshall had been trying to do in order to get their thoughts on the matter. Tom Johnson suggested approaching the Green Right Proprietors to allow more parking on the Green. Carol Marshall said local residents think one of the parking areas is dangerous and needs looking at - suggestions included getting rid of the rope and posts at the parking areas to make it look tidier. Steve Milner suggested getting a quote to repair one area and then to seek contributions from local residents. Another resident raised the matter of Standing Orders and suggested that the Working Party on this subject should include some residents. After discussions it was agreed that two residents would join the working party which was going to review Standing Orders. A resident also raised the matter of having a public recess at Precept meetings. Steve Milner replied that the Parish Council had voted on this matter recently and voted that no public recess would be included at Precept meetings. Adrian Joel said public recess notes at Parish Council meetings should form an appendix to meetings and should be published and main headings of matters raised included in minutes. The Parish Clerk advised that this could be done if the Parish Council wished. It was agreed this policy would be adopted. One resident raised the matter of the Parish Council’s Bullying and Harassment Policy and the Parish Clerk replied about this. A resident also raised the matter of employee’s records being made available to Councillors and members of the public. This resident was informed that employees’ records are covered in Standing Orders and they would not be made public. The matter of Chapel Road School was raised and a resident said the Parish Council should have a formal meeting and not a drop-in session. Steve Milner said two consultations are taking place at the moment. A resident raised the subject of who was organising the ‘Old Buckenham Spring Fair’ and was informed that the Ox and Plough were responsible. One resident said the war memorial will be cleaned on Tuesday 10 June. A resident spoke about the Green which he thought was a great village asset but looked untidy at the moment. He was informed of the issues surrounding the grass cutting of the Green.

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