Thursday, 19 June 2014

Latest on Chapel Road School move to Old Buckenham

More public consultation
The blog editor went along to the meeting early to look at the plans but was unable to stop for the main presentation. The following item is based on a report kindly provided by Jenny.
Following last year's drop-in sessions about the proposal to re-locate the Chapel Road School from Attleborough to Old Buckenham, further views were sought from villagers on Tuesday 17 June when there was a presentation made by the Norfolk County Council. It has to be said that the village attendees expressed the view that, whilst they do not object to the building of the school in our village, there is a need for the infrastructure to be properly investigated so that the extra traffic occasioned by additional pupils and staff moving through the village every day does not cause accidents (or worse) to the residents or to any of the school pupils at any of the three schools.
The proposal is for an access road off the B1077 (so that Abbey Road is not congested more than at present) but with no means of slowing the traffic as it approaches the school access road or of any other consideration for the residents of the village. It is hoped that a representative of the Highways Department might be persuaded to visit to respond to the serious concerns that many people have about the additional traffic through the village as well as the journeys that must be made throughout the day to take the children either to Attleborough or to other destinations to assist with their integration and development.
The presenter, Chris Hay, advised us that the statutory processes must be gone through which are determined by the Education and Planning Acts and this consultation formed part of this process. Whatever the views of the villagers, it is important to let Norfolk County Council have these formally as soon as possible.

Views can be expressed at
or post to Chapel Road Complex Needs School Consultation, FREEPOST, IH2076,County Hall, Martineau Lane, Norwich, NR1 2BR.
The consultation closing date is Monday 14 July 2014.

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Linda Foulger said...

I'm trying to find out when the public meeting will take place with a Highways Representative concerning the increased traffic caused by the re-siting of the special school. Chairman of the PCC tells me that Highways don't have a representative to attend the next PCC meeting. This is not what we were asking for. Terry Cracknell proposed and it was seconded that Highways come to a public meeting for us to ask questions and make comments. This is not happening. What can we do?
Linda Foulger