Saturday, 10 May 2014

Green parking in Old Buckenham

How to park cars neatly
Old Buckenham Parish Council are seeking solutions to the parking problems on the stretch of road from All Saints Church to the Ox and Plough. At the moment some netting material is placed on the Green that was intended to help get the cars off the narrow road. This has in fact worked but now this material has become ragged in places and has become a bit of an eyesore. The cost of putting the tough matting down, that the grass will grow through, is prohibitive at £8,000.

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Carol Marshall would welcome any sensible suggestions that she can take forward to the next Parish Council meeting on Thursday 5 June. Please contact Carol direct or leave your suggestions via the comment facility below.



Regarding the car parking opposite the entrance to Barbers Yard, (which is a private Road) I have, for years, complained about the mismanagement of the green and how the home owners, unfortunate enough to have to live opposite the disgusting mess known as The Green are forced to do so because one or two foolish people will not pass the liabilty of the grazing rights over to the Parish Council. There is no solution to this problem. Why are the Parish council involved in helping private residents with the maintenance of their liabilities out of the parishioners purse on behalf of the grazing right owners. They have houses, so they have money. Make them pay.
It is not just Barbers yard that has to put up with this, it is all residents of Old Buckenham.
I do not see why the residents of Barbers yard should receive preferential treatment over other council tax payers whether they are parish councillors or not. This also shows the conflict of interest when parish councillors are also owners of grazing rights.
Sally Bishop

Anonymous said...

Well said Mrs Bishop!