Saturday, 17 May 2014

Friday evening in Old Buckenham

Players excel in 'My Boy Jack'
Old Buckenham Players set themselves a big challenge when they decided on a play that would mark the centenary of the start of the Great War. 'My Boy Jack' was written by David Haig and tells the story of how the author Rudyard Kipling was desperate that his young son Jack would sign up and take part in the war. Despite having very poor eyesight Jack does end up in the army thanks to his father's influence. Of course Jack then gets sent off to the trenches, leads his men over the top with the predictable result of being listed as missing in action.
Rudyard Kipling was a great patriot but the fight with his own conscience and the rest of the family members over this 'unnecessary' loss of life forms a most emotional second half of this most moving play.
The Players needed to be at their very best to succeed with this production and succeed they did. The blog editor has in the past written reviews of various of the Players' productions and this must rank as one of the best ever. Great acting, wonderful scenery, superb lighting and sound effects, and excellent costumes. It would be unfair to pick out individuals as they all worked together to make this an evening to remember.
If this makes you feel you would like to go along and see it you are now too late as the last night's performance is on at the moment as this item is published. It was not the sort of play where you could take a sly photo from the audience so these illustrations come from the publicity that appeared in the local papers.

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