Thursday, 20 March 2014

Old Buckenham and road safety

Comment on new school developments
There were some interesting presentations that occurred at the Old Buckenham Annual Parish Meeting last night.
Here, from Steve, is one resident's view of what was said at this Parish Meeting.
Two presentations were given last night. One by the local police saying that their priorities are speeding/road safety and congestion outside the schools. We then listened to a presentation about the proposed new Chapel Road school from Chris Hey (Norfolk County Council) who was saying that there will be nothing done as part of the development to try and alleviate the traffic problems we have here in the village..
So it seems there will be a two-way relief road for the new school but this will not be an access to the junior school so the grid lock in the village hall car park will continue.
The new road will form a T junction with the B1077, not a roundabout as requested by parishioners. I leave you to make your own conclusions about this. Those living at the entrance to the village can comment on their experiences of entering the B1077 from their houses.
The new school will increase the level of traffic going through Old Buckenham and the County Council Highways do not appear to be prepared to do anything about this with respect to road safety.
Our county councillor was at this meeting and requested an urgent meeting with the County Council Highways to review the situation. We are told that this will happen shortly.
In May there will be a further consultation, and planning permission will be sought in June.
This development is moving fast.
Firstly there is a need for you to register your views. There were only a handful of residents at the meeting so it is crucial to get as many opinions as possible put forward now as "together we are strong".
So please consider doing one of the following:
1. email/telephone your parish councillor, contact details are on the OB website or on page 21 of the March issue of the Old Buckenham newsletter.
2. Respond via the Old Buckenham group Facebook page.
3. Use the blog comment facility at the end of this post.
The clock is ticking...

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Anonymous said...

If the only access to the proposed new school will be via the new access road then I guess that will at least not add to the congestion in Abbey road (and on the common which appears to be the new over flow car park!)
That said if they are not going to have a joined up policy here then I'm not sure what the benefit of co locating the schools is likely to be..