Wednesday, 29 January 2014

The forthcoming year in Old Buckenham

Coming sooner or later
Here is a list of many things happening in Old Buckenham over the next ten months (the detailed list for February will be posted in the next couple of days).
Of course you may know of more events. Please pass any further information on to the blog editor via the comment box below so that he can publicise them for you and include them in future lists.
Similarly if you know there are errors in this list please send a comment to tell the editor and he will make amendments.

Saturday 1 March – Jumble Sale organised by the Buckenham Pre-School Group in the Church Rooms from 10am to 12 noon.

Saturday 8 March – Hangar dance at Airfield.

Saturday 15 March - WI Spring Coffee Morning in the Church Rooms from 10am to 12 noon.

Saturday 22 March – Primary School table top sale 10am to 1pm.

Saturday 22 March - Quiz evening in Village Hall, 7.30pm.

Saturday 29 MarchVillage Hall cinema at 7.30pm.

Saturday 12 April - Bingo evening at Village Hall, 7.30pm

Sunday 27 April - Sports day outside Village hall.

Saturday 10 May – 1940s Hangar dance at Airfield.

Sunday 8 June - Chanter’s Jigge concert in All Saints Church starting at 3pm.

Saturday 14 June - Garden Party at John and Barbara Frost’s house in Mill Road.

Saturday 5 July - Cream teas at Brian and Eileen Oliver's house in Hargham Road.

Friday 18 July - Primary School fete.

Saturday 19 JulyVillage fete at Village Hall (to be confirmed).

Saturday 26 and Sunday 27 July – Old Buckenham Airshow.

Saturday 23 August – Hangar dance at Airfield.

Wednesday 10 September – Luncheon Club coffee morning at Village Hall.

Sunday 14 SeptemberVillage Produce Show at Village Hall.

Thursday 18 September to Saturday 20 September - Old Buckenham Players production (to be confirmed).

Saturday 20 September – Hangar dance (OB 2000 Trust) at Airfield.

Saturday 27 September - Quiz evening at Village Hall.

Saturday 27 and Sunday 28 September – Balloon Festival at Airfield.

Saturday 4 and Sunday 5 October – Military Revival at Airfield.

Sunday 9 NovemberRemembrance service at Airfield.


Doug Burgum said...

I have a question. An ancestor of mine, Henry Burgum, lived at Old Buckenham, Norfolk with his wife Sarah Jane Burgum. Henry worked as a school master at Old Buckenham and died there 12th March 1879. Can anyone suggest which school he may have worked at? Old Buchenham Hall, for example, seems to have become a school at a later date than this. Are there any history buffs there who could seek out any information about Henry and what brought him from Yorkshire, to teach in Old Buckenham? I live in Andorra, so local research is tricky!

Ron said...

I can reproduce your request in the printed monthly newsletter if you like. Email me via
if you would like me do do this.