Friday, 10 January 2014

Cider talk in Old Buckenham

A local drink

Old Buckenham's Social and Wine Circle started its 2014 season with a talk by local cider maker Stephen Fisher. The Norfolk Cider Company is based on a farm near Attleborough where it produces cider from fresh Norfolk apples and is now the oldest established cider maker in Norfolk following the closure of William Gaymer and Sons.
Samples of cider and apple juice were provided for the audience before Stephen gave a short history of how these drinks have been produced over the years. Cider made traditionally in East Anglia comes from culinary and dessert apples, quite different from the West Country where cider apples are used. This means that local cider is far more palatable to a wider audience. It is also stronger with an alcohol content of around 7% as there are more natural sugars in the dessert apples to convert into alcohol. It takes some six months to make cider and it then has around three weeks in good condition before becoming vinegary. A large amount of good quality fruit is required, it takes 1.5kg (3lb) of apples to make a 750ml bottle of pure apple juice.
Next month, on Thursday 13 February, the talk will be on the subject of aerial photography. It will take place at 7.45pm in the Church Rooms in Old Buckenham and all are welcome to attend.

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