Sunday, 28 July 2013

Upper Octave returns to Old Buckenham

From opera through the musicals
Saturday 27 July was another opportunity to see and listen to a concert by Upper Octave in All Saints Church, Old Buckenham. This was a fund-raising event for the Church and was a most enjoyable way to spend an evening.
Being in a beautiful old building and listening to a wide range of popular operatic music and songs from the musicals in the cool of a summer evening was wonderful. The quality of the sound was great and the church was also imaginately lit throughout the performances.
Trying to unobtrusively take photographs was a nightmare for your amateur blog editor but here are a few to give an impression of what went on - ranging from some general views of the set, close-ups of some of the singers, the audience enjoying their refreshment break and the singers relaxing at the end of the evening with some welcome refresments for themselves.

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