Monday, 1 July 2013

Evening garden party in Old Buckenham

Enjoyable way to raise funds
People raise funds for good causes in many different ways. Some do arduous cycle rides or difficult mountain climbs, some run car boot stalls every week for years.
A more pleasant way is to have an evening garden party and hope that the weather is fine. Last Saturday evening that is what happened in Old Buckenham to raise money to help with the maintenance of All Saints Church. People bought tickets to come, bought more tickets to enter a large raffle and bought even more tickets as they enjoyed trying to win something on the tombola stall. There were plants too that you could spend your money on. Extra glasses of wine could be obtained in exchange for a suitable donation to this particular good cause.
There were well over a hundred people enjoying themselves, nosing around the garden and just enjoying themselves talking to people they knew (and even some that they had never met before).
So a good time was had by all and the most useful sum of over a thousand pounds was raised in the process thanks to the work of the garden owners and their band of helpers.

(just click on these images to enlarge the picture and see who you can recognise)

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