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July's deliberations by Old Buckenham Parish Council

Parish Council in July
This report has been prepared by the blog editor from the draft minutes and so may contain information that is changed at a later date.
Stephen Askew (Norfolk County Councillor) and two members of the public attended the July parish council meeting. All the parish councillors were there apart from John Frost, Paul Boggia and Jonathan Kemp.
Minutes of June Parish Council meeting. These were signed as a true and accurate record of the meeting.
Matters arising from the minutes. Tom Johnson raised the matter of broadband for the village hall and asked if the precept was being cut. The Parish Clerk explained that a new system of reduced tax bands and possible capping or precept increases by central government could result in a lower precept being given for year 2014/15. Steve Milner said that alternative quotes for broadband were being sought so the matter will be deferred until the September meeting. Tim Ing said he would sort out the grass cutting problems at the Almshouses.
Allotments. Adrian Joel said that he had recently visited the allotments and that the Parish Council were three years into a five year rolling lease. The lease would need to be re negotiated. He also said that two and a half plots were not being cultivated. The allotment holders would like the grass in the adjoining field to be cut. The Old Buckenham Allotment Society recently had a meeting and had asked for a liaison group meeting. Tim Ing suggested that the tenants who were not cultivating their plots be rung to ask them to at least cut the grass, Adrian Joel will do this.
Attleborough Development. Derek Smalley said that the original working party group had been disbanded and replaced by a local plan group. He feels it would be in the interest of Old Buckenham to let him continue his role as our liaison with the steering group. Adrian Joel said he thought it was important that Derek Smalley should continue in the role. Tim Ing asked if the Parish Council should support the Attleborough Development through the liaison group. Adrian Joel proposed that Old Buckenham Parish Council reject the offer from Attleborough Town Council to include the land to the south of Bunn’s Bank, which is in the parish of Old Buckenham, for industrial use as part of the Attleborough Neighbourhood Plan. Also that the residents of Old Buckenham should be consulted on this piece of land as part of the Breckland Local Plan or Old Buckenham Neighbourhood Plan. No seconder was found for the proposal which then failed. Tim Ing then sought the views of all councillors and after a detailed discussion on the subject Derek Smalley proposed that Old Buckenham Parish Council join with Attleborough Neighbourhood Plan. Sarah Dye added to the proposal by saying that the Parish Council are mindful that a small parcel of land south of Bunn’s Bank is in the parish of Old Buckenham in the Attleborough Neighbourhood Plan but this can be withdrawn from the plan at any time by the Parish Council in the future. This was seconded by Steve Milner and agreed by all the other councillors except Adrian Joel who voted against the proposal.
Planning applications. Buckenham Priory, Abbey Road. Change of materials, removal of ship-lapped timber boarding and replace with off-white or cream lime render. No objections, this was agreed unanimously.
Cotman Housing Association, St Andrews Close. Change of window type from wood to UPVC. No objections, this was agreed with 7 for and 1 abstention.
Planning decisions received from Breckland. Midway Rise, Fen Street. Alterations and extensions including create first floor accommodation with Juliette balcony and double garage. Permission granted.
Old Buckenham Cricket Club. Erection of three-bay building to store ground equipment. Permission granted.
The Banham Poultry planning application was fully discussed and it was suggested that the Parish Council recommend more provision for safer sustainable transport. There should also be signage on the A11 barring all works traffic from Hargham Road and other parts of Old Buckenham. Also all monitoring policies to be strictly enforced by Breckland Council.
Chairman’s report. Tim Ing said he had received a call from a parishioner concerning the height of grass in the churchyard. The meeting was informed that the church were going to organise a working party to help carry out the work. He then said he had received comments from another resident about Speedwatch and Steve Milner explained how the system worked. Tim Ing also reported that a waste bin had now been placed on the recreation area.
District Councillor’s report. Adrian Joel said the ground-breaking ceremony will take place for the new Cotman Houses at 12.30pm on Tuesday 16 July. All parish councillors are invited and he hoped local residents would also attend. Should any village organisation be looking at a project that would fit the criteria for Breckland Communities match funding then they should please contact him on 01953 860663. Breckland Council have signed up to a joint venture recycling agreement with all councils in Norfolk. This should save at least £360,000 per year across all the councils.
Parish councillors’ reports. Tom Johnson had attended a meeting of the Village Hall committee where they had a visit from the new licensee of the Ox & Plough who offered them a site for the bottle bank near the pub. The committee have a comprehensive list of future events. Derek Smalley said he had a call from a resident regarding some issues with the Ox & Plough pub and Sarah Dye will follow up on this. It was reported that the Six Villages Newsletter is closing down unless they get some volunteers who could assist with the running of the newsletter. Adrian Joel said a new headmaster had been appointed at the High School and he will take up his appointment in January 2014 (till then the Deputy head will run the school). Carol Marshall raised the matter of parents parking in the village hall car park when dropping children off and causing obstruction problems. Steve Milner has produced a possible solution which he showed to Parish Council. The Headmaster of the Primary School will write to parents on the matter.
Parish Clerk’s report. He reported that he has bought a new house but will be in rented accommodation for approximately three months until the house was ready. He would issue two mobile numbers that he could be contacted on. He also reported that parish councils have no powers under the Highways Act 1980, section 154, regarding overhanging trees, hedges or bushes.
Highways. Adrian Joel reported a road sign was down at the junction of Crown Road and the B1077 near the war memorial. Also a 30mph sign on the right of Hargham Road when exiting the village. The Parish Clerk is to contact Highways on the matter.
The Green. Tim Ing said grass cutting will take place very soon. Also the posts by the shop that have been knocked down will be replaced.

The next meeting of Old Buckenham Parish Council will be Thursday 5 September in the Village Hall at 7.30pm.

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