Friday, 26 October 2012

Old Buckenham precept 2013/14

What the parish council will be spending
This information has been taken from the draft minutes of this meeting and is therefore liable to be amended at a later date.
Old Buckenham Parish Council met on Wednesday 24 October to determine the parish precept for 2013/14. Three parish councillors, John Frost, Tom Johnson and Akis Chrisovelides, were unable to attend and had sent their apologies.
Grant applications. Old Buckenham Village Hall had asked for £1,500 for solar panels for the Village Hall. This was agreed unanimously.
Old Buckenham Village Hall had also asked for £400 as a contribution towards resurfacing of their car park. It was agreed unanimously that no grant be awarded from the precept but that the money would be paid from Parish Council funds in the financial year 2012/13.
Monday Mardle. A sum of £100 was agreed unanimously.
Old Buckenham Parochial Church Council had asked for a grant of £1,000 towards church maintenance. After discussion by councillors it was agreed (with 4 for, 1 against and Sarah Dye abstaining) that a reduced grant of £750 be awarded.
Yare Valley Citizens' Advice Bureau. A sum of £75 was agreed unanimously.
Budget proposal. The Parish Clerk gave a detailed breakdown of his budget proposal of £13,416.65 for the financial year 2013/14. This amount excluded the above grants awarded in the amount of £2,425. A detailed explanation was given by the Parish Clerk for the amount allocated to each overhead amount. The Parish Clerk then sought the views of Parish Councillors and it was agreed that a reserve for a proposed BMX track be created with an initial £500 being put into the reserve. This brought the total expenditure (excluding grants) up to £13,916.65. It was agreed unanimously that the total precept for the financial year 2013/14 be set at £16,341.65.


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