Saturday, 13 October 2012

Old Buckenham barn dance

Dancing the night away
Well over 200 people gathered at Old Buckenham Airfield tonight to have a barn dance in one of the hangars.A similar dance held as part of the Diamond Jubilee celebrations earlier in the year was very successful and so it was decided to run another one while the enthusiasm was there.
Soon everyone was having a go at learning (or re-learning) the various dances to the music of the band and the excellent calling that reminded them of what to do next. It was a cool clear evening but things soon warmed up inside the hangar. There were straw bales to sit on and a real Tiger Moth in the corner of the building. Many participants had come dressed for the event and there were cowboy hats everywhere.

Outside you could get food from the barbecue or freshly cooked doughnuts if you preferred. And there was full bar operating in the clubhouse.

Any money raised by this event will be given to the Old Buckenham 2000 Trust, a charity which distributes money to some of the many village organisations that can apply each year.

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