Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Old Buckenham Luncheon Club

Busy day as Luncheon Club picks up award
Today started as a normal one for Old Buckenham Luncheon Club with the volunteers arriving at the village hall to start preparing the food and laying up the tables ready for the members to arrive.
Soon after noon the members were sitting down to their meat pie and four veg main meal followed by bread pudding and custard for afters.
All the volunteers, whether picking up people from home to bring them to the hall, preparing vegetables, laying tables, cooking, clearing tables or washing up, put in an awful amount of work for these fortnightly lunches.
But occasionally their hard work is rewarded. Four representatives - the organiser, the treasurer, a cook and a user - were invited to the Almary Green Awards Presentation Evening held tonight at the Hostry of Norwich Cathedral. A cheque was handed over that will go towards some more kitchen equipment that should make their job a little easier.
Nearly sixty organisation had applied for some funding under this scheme run by Almary Green Investments of Norwich and Old Buckenham Luncheon Club was one of fifteen who were successful in their application. So it turned out to be a long day for some people but hopefully they will think it was worth it. 

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