Sunday, 15 April 2012

Treasure found in Old Buckenham

Treasure Quest visits yet again
Today being the Titanic anniversary, it provided the Quest Master at BBC Radio Norfolk the opportunity to write a clue based on the Titanic survivor who once lived in Stacksford on the outskirts of Old Buckenham.
Ellen Bird was born in April, 1881, the daughter of Samuel Bird (shepherd) and his wife Maryann and was one of 11 children. She was living in London when she was employed as a maid by Mrs Isidor Straus just prior to their return to New York and boarded the Titanic at Southampton. After the collision Mrs Straus dithered over whether or not to enter a lifeboat but decided to stay with her husband. Encouraged by her steadfast employers Ellen Bird boarded Lifeboat 8 and was saved.

The Treasure Quest clue eventually brought Becky Betts and Graham Barnard to the Askew Agricultural Museum in Stacksford which had opened up especially for the visit. A quick look around and the 'treasure' was found on a notice board full of awards that the the Askew Farm had won over the years.
That's four Treasure Quest visits in under two years, this village must have something...

ps If you have never seen the real treasure, it looked like this today...

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