Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Old Buckenham Village Hall

Report on Village Hall during 2011
The year ending December 2011 was a success in relation to bookings which provided an income of £10,169. The hall is almost fully booked for midweek evenings, reasonably utilised at weekends and improving with day time usage. This is despite several alternative venues being available for hire within the village.
Against the income, essential maintenance amounted to £5,295, water £1043, heating and lighting £4,275, and insurance £1,310, resulting in a trading loss of approximately £1,800. This is overcome with fundraising, including the village fete, which, together with various grants, finances capital expenditure.
With the support of Old Buckenham Players, new digital stage lighting has been installed. The Trustees are appreciative of the Players’ efforts, both in time and materials, which have made considerable improvements to the stage itself. Financial support for this project was also given by Breckland Council and Norfolk Community Foundation.
The year 2011 was the third consecutive that hiring charges have not increased despite considerable increases in maintaining the building (which is now in its thirty-fourth year). It is planned later this year (2012) to hold an open meeting in the hope that residents will come along and discuss the way forward for their community centre. This is in addition to the AGM which took place on Wednesday 4 April. In maintaining the existing hiring charges the Trustees do take very seriously the importance of the building to the many senior citizens within Old Buckenham, some without transport.
The Trustees are most grateful to Jean Norton and Joan Jenkins who kindly give their time to take minutes at the monthly management meetings. They also thank caretaker Peter Rhodes for the wonderful work he does in taking care of the building. Further thanks have to go to local tradesmen Graham Turner, Paul Boggia and John Smith who have all provided some labour during the year without charge.

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