Sunday, 1 April 2012

Egg-cellent afternoon

Spring Fair
It's just before Easter so it is time for Old Buckenham Women's Institute to hold their Spring Fair in the Church Rooms. There were plenty of activities to help you part with your money but the admission fee also included an high-class Afternoon Tea (best china plates, cups and saucers, sandwiches with the crusts cut off, a scone and a choice of homemade cake washed down with some freshly brewed tea).
There was also a prize for the person wearing the best fashion accessory incorporating an Easter egg or eggs. One of the male visitors had the affrontery to win this but wishes to remain anonymous (although there is a clue to his identity in the background of the photograph above).
This was a most enjoyable afternoon and hopefully it was a good fund-raising activity too.

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Anonymous said...

Could he be the Lord Mayor of Old Buckenham?