Thursday, 29 October 2020

Old Buckenham's Eleemosynary charity

Allocation of Benefits 2020

A little later than in most years, the Trustees of the Old Buckenham United Eleemosynary Charities invite residents of Old Buckenham, in financial need, to apply for an annual grant of benefit. The need may be for a long-term situation or for a more temporary problem that has occurred only recently. There is no age restriction. However, as will be understood, the Trustees have a duty to ensure that the annual distribution of monies reflects the aim of the Charity to support the most deserving in our village.

The Trustees will review all requests received and will take into consideration any other benefits currently received by applicants. Application forms will be available in All Saints Church from the beginning of November. Fully completed forms should be returned to Mrs Jennifer Sallnow, Arianne, Attleborough Road, Old Buckenham, NR17 1RF (telephone 01953 860166). As was advised to beneficiaries last year, the Trustees ask that all previous beneficiaries complete an application form for consideration by the Trustees.

Last date for applications to be with Mrs Sallnow is Thursday 19 November.

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