Saturday, 11 April 2020

Old Buckenhan village newsletter

Newsletter for May
The village newsletter for May will be going ahead as usual thanks to our fit printer and all those helpful volunteers in the village. Some villagers have been providing copy in the form of reminiscences or stories that will be needed to fill the pages as there will be very few meetings to report on.
There have been plenty of posts on the Old Buckenham Facebook page from people who lived in Old Buckenham in their youth. Information such as this would be much appreciated by the newsletter editor who you can contact by email on It looks as if the need for material to go into the village newsletter will be needed for months to come so don’t be shy in providing some words of your own.
Also spare a thought for the local firms who advertise in the newsletter. Many, through no fault of their own, suddenly had to stop trading. It would still be worth contacting them to see if they can still be of help, through home deliveries for instance, or to organise something for (much?) later in the year.

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