Monday, 6 April 2020

Old Buckenham poetry

Local reminiscences
The following is an extract from one of Marjorie Westfield’s poems recalling her Christian enlightenment made through the Baptist Church and some of her contemporaries at Old Buckenham. 

Born again of the Spirit, passed from death to life,
Saved from condemnation, my sinful heart washed white.
And the people who worshipped with me
I hold most dear within my memory.
There was Kathy, Audrey*, Miss Germany,
Pastor Wagnell and the Hiltons from West View.
I recall the Sunday School wherein I taught
And the Thursday Prayer Meetings too.
Ah, happy days of youth which made my soul rejoice;
And I never will regret the making of that choice.

*Audrey Hammond but what was Kathy's surname?

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