Sunday, 6 May 2018

VIP visits Old Buckenham

Supporting the Raise the Roof campaign
The crowd had gathered outside the Church Rooms. The camera is in position and eyes are looking down the road to the Green.

Here comes something, looks like a pony and trap

And it's driving right down to the entrance of All Saints Church.

Ah, it's the Right Reverend Graham James, Bishop of Norwich, who has come from the Rogation Sunday service at Wilby. He has come to talk to those who are helping to raise money towards re-thatching the church roof.

After leaving the church it was time to make a short walk across the Green. Perhaps you saw three men out walking in sober suits and wondered why they were so dressed on such a glorious, sunny and warm day. They were off to take part in a fund-raising meal at the Gamekeeper pub. The blog editor was not attending so he will have to rely on a report from someone else for the next part of the story...

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