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Latest from Old Buckenham Parish Council

May Parish Council minutes
Old Buckenham Parish Council held a meeting on Thursday 3 May. The councillors present were Adrian Joel (Chairman), Ben Devlin, Jon Hicks, Phil Little, Andy Nichols and Steve Milner along with Kerry Talbot (temporary clerk) and four members of the public. Apologies for absence had been received from Gemma Frost.
Election of chairman. The Clerk invited applicants/nominations for chairman of the council for 2018/19. Several nominations were received and ballot took place resulting in Phil Little being appointed as the Chair and then signed the Declaration of Acceptance of Office which was passed to Adrian Joel for action.
Election of vice-chair. The Clerk invited applicants for vice-chair. Jon Hicks was nominated, seconded and approved for this post.
Minutes of April meeting. These were approved.
Matters arising from April minutes. Phil Little asked councillors to update the meeting at this stage in future meetings with any action points allocated to them. Adrian Joel commented that matters arising from the previous minutes had been addressed with the exception of pollution. Adrian Joel also added that ‘Two Wheel Tuesday’ supervision, signs and marshalling were excellent and no roads were blocked. Phil Little stated that the pollution was not something that the council felt they could address at the current time without any documented evidence.
Public participation relating only to agenda items. A parishioner said he was attending to object to planning application in respect of the Asparagus field off Cake Street. Outline planning had been granted but the revised submission is now substantially larger, not compatible with adjacent buildings and concern was raised regarding the impact on flooding in this part of Cake Street with excess surface water leading to sanitary issues. The
Chairman advised parish council involvement in the planning process and they can only put forward comments. Breckland Council make the decisions. Chairman stated that he was keen for the public to understand that this part of the meeting was not a discussion group and the public were invited to discuss agenda items only. The Chair will endeavour to make process easier for the public to participate and to find a medium ground to enable the parish council to function. This will be a work in progress with the Council looking to serve the whole community. He addressed the issue of allowing parishioners a second opportunity to talk at the end of the meeting but advised that current Standing Orders state that the meeting must conclude by 10pm.
Parish Clerk and councillor vacancies. The position of Parish Clerk has been filled and a job offer issued. Phil Little advised that there were a couple of issues to resolve but was confident that the clerk will be in place for the next meeting. Adrian Joel said that since the last meeting, when Lauren Wiseman was co-opted onto the Council, she has since indicated she did not wish to take up the position and would not be making the statutory declaration of acceptance of office. The vacancy would need to be advertised again. This means that the Council is still short of four councillors and Phil Little will contact theprevious two applicants to ascertain if they are still interested.
General data protection. Adrian Joel advised that a Data Protection Officer was not needed for parish councils. He asked all councillors to complete a declaration to provide permission for use of data and their preferred method of contact. These would need to be passed to the new clerk. Also the parish council computer would need to be searched for ‘old’ data and removed and a Parish Clerk ll members of working parties will need to complete the form.
Planning applications. Asparagus Field, Cake Street. Dwelling and garage (3PL/2018/0387/F). Resolved, with 4 voting in favour and 2 abstentions, not to approve the application
Barn at Roughlands Farm, Grove Road. Change of use of agricultural building to dwelling (permitted development) (3PN/2018/0017/UC). Decided, unanimously, not to submit a view.
East View, Attleborough Road. New garden store extension (3PL/2018/0181/HOU). Noted that this application has been approved by Breckland District Council.
Homestead, The Green. Erection of dwelling and garage. (3PL/2018/0195/D). Noted that this application has been approved by Breckland District Council.
Financial matters. The Current account balance is £42,765 and the Premium account balance is £2,873.20. The sum of £185 has been received from the Eleemosynary Charity and was available to use for the benefit the whole village. The payments approved included £218 to the community car drivers, £90 for cutting the recreation area and £545 for work on the village sign. The Bank Mandate to be changed once a new clerk is in place. Steve Milner pointed out that Barclays will be closing their branch in Attleborough and wondered how this would affect the Council’s banking. Adrian Joel suggested remaining with Barclays and reviewing once the new Clerk was in place.
Chairman’s report. As the new Chair, Phil Little would like to ensure that the Council actions all issues that they have committed to. In terms of planning Phil Little would like to remove any ambiguity and make clear that the parish council are part of the consultation process and do not make decisions. He would also like to ascertain how to make the process easier and more transparent so that everyone knows how the process works.
District Councillor’s report. The Breckland Cabinet will be holding their meeting in each of the five market towns over the next few months. The next meeting of the Cabinet will be held in Attleborough on Tuesday 12 June starting at 10am in the Town Hall. There will be an opportunity for the members of the public to ask questions of Cabinet members from 9.30am to 10am. Breckland will shortly receive a revised copy of the Attleborough SUE from the developers. These will then go out for a period of consultation to residents in the area and stakeholders. Adrian Joel has asked for copies to be sent to him as the Breckland councillor and he will hold a drop-in consultation in the village hall. This will enable residents to make their comments and feed them back to Breckland Council. There will be a special Planning Committee held in Attleborough later this year. Adrian Joel will keep the parish council informed of the date and time of the meeting.
Village Green Working Party. Adrian Joel said that the Ox & Plough had, through social media, asked if there would be any support for a monthly Farmers’ Market outside the pub. Initial indications have shown that there is support for this with the proceeds being donated to the upkeep of the Green. The proposal will be listed as an agenda item for the next meeting.
Road Safety. Steve Milner advised that county councillors have been chasing NCC Highways for their decision in respect of a new crossing. No response has been received to date, a further meeting will take place once the decision has been received. A new radar gun has been received and been in use by the Speed Watch team. Steve Milner said that during the last stint (during school traffic time) 15 cars were logged travelling at over 36 mph. No tractors, trailers or coaches were logged breaking the speed limit.
Play Area. Jon Hicks advised that the grass had been cut twice. Glass had been found in the area following Two Wheel Tuesday and Dave Tranmer (Ox & Plough) had agreed to check the area after the evnt each week. Ben Devlin also to discuss this with Dave Tranmer. No play area maintenance issues have been logged. Once the weather improves, new bins will be installed and the tractor painted. Phil Little to organise signs for when the work takes place.
Recreation Area. The damaged fencing has been repaired. Further damage at the back of the village hall has also now been repaired free of charge and a bin is to be moved. This represents approximately £3,000 of work carried out the work free of charge by the school builders Morgan Sindall and Adrian Joel will write to thank them.
Councillors’ reports. Jon Hicks updated in respect of the High School Council and the bus shelter mural and designs for the recreation ground. Any involvement with this project has been stopped by the High School as academisation is underway which affects Health & Safety issues with the school. Following discussion it was agreed to offer this project to the local community as a whole with Jon Hicks to contact other schools, ie primary school and Chapel Green.
Parish Council Insurance policy. Renewal quote for 2018/19 has been received from Norris Fischer at £508.72 with an additional £48 payable for a three year fixed term. Adrian Joel is to investigate cover and to include possible Farmers Market and fireworks to ascertain how council would be liable. This to be ready for the next council meeting. Council to also contact Dave Tranmer (Ox & Plough) and ask for a copy of their public liability insurance. It was agreed unanimously to go for a three year fixed term cover.
Fireworks. Ben Devlin is in discussions with the OB2000 Trust in respect of this proposed event. Ben Devlin needs to meet with Green Right Proprietors to seek their agreement and their views on any damage that would be caused due to the bonfire. Ben Devlin is also to find out the costs of fireworks and to look at how this will be funded together with insurance cover as he is keen to provide this as a free event. Andy Nichols advised that the next meeting of Green Right Proprietors would be on Monday 14 May and will ask for details, including costs, to put to the members at this meeting. At this point Ben Devlin made his apologies and left the meeting.
Update on defibrillator. Phil Little has been in touch with the Heart Foundation. Since their visit they have no record of correspondence with the parish council so Phil Little advised that Council will have to start the process again. Phil Little has received details of what is required and felt that the Council should make applications to both the Heart Foundation and the Lottery. This way the money put aside for this project could be used for maintenance and training. Phil Little will put together the applications but will take around two months to prepare as public consultation would need to be undertaken. The Heart Foundation said that they felt the Council would have a good chance of success with both funders and it was agreed, unanimously, to go ahead with the applications.
Council website. Steve Milner advised that there had been no enquiries and Adrian Joel asked if the website could be updated. Steve Milner agreed to update it as and when he can.
Highways. Phil Little and Steve Milner advised that deep pothole repairs had been carried out and that the work is ongoing.
Next agenda. Items suggested for the next agenda included a review of working parties, a list of assets, a review of all policies including the complaints procedure, Council insurance, firework event, monthly Farmers’ Market and Parish Council banking arrangements.

The next Parish Council meeting will be held at Old Buckenham Village Hall on Thursday 7 June.

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