Friday, 19 May 2017

Old Buckenham pub reopens its doors

A not very dry run?
Tony and Jennie Mann decided to have a quiet opening of their pub in Old Buckenham. They are still trying to get everything fixed in the kitchen so the 'dry run' was organised this evening so that the locals could come in and say hallo.
The opening time was advertised as 5.30pm and at least one couple were anxiously waiting outside as the last seconds ticked away. They were keen to be first across the threshold  so that they could claim their favourite seats alongside the bar.

Soon the bar area filled up and Tony was kept very busy dispensing drinks of all kinds to a crowd that expanded into the other rooms and even into the pub garden as the rain had finally stopped.

They should be open again at 11am tomorrow if you want to pop in for a drink of some kind and to say hallo to our new publicans.


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