Friday, 19 May 2017

Arrangements in Old Buckenham

Breckland Flower and Garden Club
The demonstrator at the May meeting was Vicki Hurse with a set of arrangements with the title “That's not what it’s for” as she included various containers and everyday household objects.
Vicki talked of her family background with a grandfather who was a gardener at a hall and her mother who was also a keen gardener. She went to work at a town hall and was arranging flowers for events and in the Register Office. Then, when she had been to college and trained as a florist, she had a florist shop with her husband.

Her designs included one with a garden fork and spade using red roses, foliage and also red peppers and red apples. Another used a toilet roll holder which had been given a face lift with kitchen colanders. A modern line design was made using a cardigan from a charity shop that had been cut up and placed over two upturned black flower buckets. The fourth was a lime green plaited shopping bag inside a raised container and including variegated hosta, purple spray carnations and pink stocks. The next design involved a vegetable rack with rosemary, fatsia and lilac foliage. The final design was a homemade container using wire, gaffer tape and glued on jigsaw pieces using various flowers including lonicerea, bergenia, eleagnus, gold roses and two stems of cymbidiam orchid.
The Club competition was for 'Using an unusual container' and had entries including a china bed pan, a pork pie mould, a garden sieve and a brass pan. The winner was Jean Carnwell with her pork pie mould all done with garden flowers including scented roses and foliage.
At the June meeting Moira Neville will be the demonstrator with her title of 'Secondhand rose'. Contact the chairman Christine on 01953 454528 for further details.

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