Saturday, 18 March 2017

Old Buckenham's replacement tree

New for old after Doris's damage
One of the trees that was blown down in the high winds during Storm Doris was a walnut that took pride of place on a small triangle of grass on the way to Stacksford. It was a special tree that had apparently been planted when Prince Freddie Dulip Singh was living in Old Buckenham Hall.
It looked to have died off over the last couple of years and the strong winds had toppled it onto the road. But thanks to the enterprise of Steve Milner, the trunk was cut up into thin slices which were then sold as souvenirs to people around the village. In all, over £300 was raised which has allowed a decent-sized mature walnut tree to be bought and this was planted this morning. Any money left over will be donated to the new organisation that is taking on the management of the village Green.
People of all ages were involved and here are some pictures of the tree planting ceremony:

And this is what the original tree looked like in 2016 - dead but still upright

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