Tuesday, 21 March 2017

Old Buckenham's new school

Springing up

Here is some up-to-date news on progress at the Chapel Green School project.
The site team have been delighted to see some sunshine in the recent weeks and this has really benefited the project. They are now resident in their permanent office setup right in the heart of the main site, allowing them to keep a close eye on the activities taking place.
Works on site are progressing at a rapid pace – foundations and holding-down bolts are nearly complete for half of the building footprint. They have commenced the installation of the concrete bridge abutment to the south of the site and have excavated out for the hydrotherapy pool. Lots of other background work has also been taking place, preparing for the follow-on trades to make a start.
The main hoarding set up along Attleborough Road now gives more information to everyone, including an architect’s image of the finished building as well as key environment and sustainability information for the construction project.
You can keep an eye on the site from the village hall car park and you will soon see a building rise from the ground. Local engagement has continued with visits to the existing Chapel Road School and assistance to the village hall. There is another big event lined up for next month as well.
Finally, the project website has now gone live and will be updated regularly with various photos and information allowing everyone to stay in touch with the project. Go to http://www.chapelgreenproject.co.uk/

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