Sunday, 1 January 2017

Wet walking in Old Buckenham

Out and about for the New Year
Unfortunately New Year's Day didn't dawn like the photo posted earlier today. By mid-morning the rain had set in and probably deterred some of those intending to take part in the village walk that took place regardless of the weather.
People and their dogs were gathering outside the Church Rooms at around 10.30 am and they set off for their three mile walk a little later.

As they walked off  they were passed by the radio car of Radio Norfolk on its Sunday morning Treasure Quest. Clue 3 was hidden on the Christmas tree in the Church Rooms
where it was soon found by 'Big Band' Anna and read out so that everyone listening to the programme could help solve it. This gave a chance for Linda Foulger to explain about our village walk and how it was raising funds for the Alzheimer's UK charity

When the clue was solved it turned out that the next location was to New Buckenham for their 'Hair of the dog' walk which has taken place for many years having first taken place in 1996.
For the next four weeks you can listen to the broadcast of the appropriate Treasure Quest edition on  Start at about 1hr 35 mins in for the local part.
When the Old Buckenham walkers returned they were welcomed by the sight of nice hot home-made soup and the opportunity to sit, talk and dry out from their morning's excursion.

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