Thursday, 12 January 2017

Old Buckenham thanks volunteers

Luncheon Club says thank you
Yesterday was the first Luncheon Club meeting of 2017 and also the opportunity to thank all those people who help this activity to continue to take place. It was an extra special meal with roast beef, yorkshire pudding, roast potatoes and several vegetables - all washed down with a glass of wine or appropriate soft drink. And followed by sherry trifle, after-eight mints and coffee.

All those volunteers who collect members from home and take them back again afterwards were invited along to this meal as a special thank you. Bridget Burton also thanked all the other helpers including the main cooks Jean and Barbara, also Annabel, Peggy and Margaret who all just do whatever else needs doing in the kitchen as well as Enid and Carol who are two of the drivers who stay on to help and then end up serving coffee, running the raffle and serving meals.
Then there is Steve who puts out all the tables and chairs and then has to come back to the hall to put them all away. 
The members themselves are so generous with raffle prizes and always put their small change in the box and this year there was enough to pay for the November meal on the outing to Thetford. A kind offer from the Six Villages magazine also paid for the coach on that occasion so all were able to have a free outing. 
Once again an anonymous donor gave their winter heating allowance to the club and this, along with other kind gifts and help with the outings, means that the price of the meals will be able to remain at £3.50 during 2017.

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