Saturday, 9 July 2016

Old Buckenham village fete 2016

Overcoming the indifferent weather
Lots of planning goes into organising the village fete and lots of hard work too. But you can't fix the weather. A steady drizzle turned into a downpour soon after the official start time with the opening rocket launch delayed for a while. 'Rocketman' Steve had to stand and wait to send a two litre fizzy drink bottle way over the trees into the next field. 

Those stalls inside the hall did quite well to start with and so did the art exhibition. Mr Jugglefun entertained in the rain and outside stall holders huddled under their gazebos and tents.
Things did improve as the afternoon went on and people ventured around the various sites. 

The rector tried his hand at turning water into wine as well as riding a very small bike. The East Coast Truckers showed of very large vehicles and rather small ones too. 

Representatives of Chapel Green School were there with a model of their new building and looking forward to being able to see the real structure in the adjacent field this time next year. 

Drawing the lucky programme numbers took ages to complete but eventually the prizes were awarded. 
Then it was time to take everything down, clear things away and hope for better weather next year...

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