Wednesday, 1 June 2016

Old Buckenham Women's Institute

Old Buckenham and resolutions
It is at the May meetings of the Women’s Institutes that they discuss and vote on the resolutions being put forward at the National Annual Meeting that will be held in Brighton on Thursday 9 June. One resolution this year concerns food waste and food poverty in this country and the second resolution is support for dementia patients when they are admitted to hospital. If the WI is going to commit time, effort, money and reputation into mounting a campaign, they wish to be sure that the proposal is precise enough to make a difference. Every WI has the chance to register it is in agreement to both, neither, or just one of the resolutions. The debate in Brighton promises to be vigorous and the process is important as well as the outcome of the voting. One Old Buckenham member, Judith Thompson, had thoroughly researched these resolutions and took members through the pros and cons of each resolution. Members will be looking forward to hearing from our delegate on the outcome of the voting in Brighton.
After the seriousness of the discussions, members were able to relax and take part in a game of Call my Bluff. Would you know (without consulting a dictionary) the meaning of the words courbaril, mastaba, merlon, jirble, costrel and spelunker?
Old Buckenham WI have a busy summer in front of them including the Village Fete on Saturday 9 July, the annual progressive supper later in July, helping with refreshments for the cycle event in September and of course our Village Produce Show on Sunday 11 September. A schedule for the Produce Show was included in the June edition of the village newsletter so be sure to consult yours soon to think about what you can enter. Recipes for some of the cookery classes are included on the schedule so you have plenty of time to do some experiments.
At the meeting on Thursday 23 June, Helen Reeve will be talking about "For the love of cows (how to turn a hobby into a business)".
The following meeting will be on Thursday 28 July when the speakers, Marilyn Bartrup and Lynn Ready, are coming to talk of their adventures in their “Pension Gap Year”. These two ladies are WI members and one of them is a past resident of Old Buckenham.

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