Wednesday, 8 June 2016

Flyer above Old Buckenham

Errant aircraft
There have been reports from villagers that an individual flying a yellow and red biplane has been making a nuisance of themselves in the skies above Old Buckenham.
Those at Old Buckenham Airfield are anxious to get hold the registration of this plane (which should be under the wing and start with a G). If you see it and can record any of the letters  it will give provide an opportunity to track them down and ask them to desist immediately (in rather stronger aviation terms of course).
Any further details that anyone can give will be gratefully received by the Airfield. In order to sort things out they need to know who they are.
With any luck, this incident will be a one off but those at the Airfield would like to assure the village that it was nothing to do with them and that they will do everything in their somewhat limited powers to put a stop to it.

Please pass any information on to the Airfield manager Matt Wilkins on 01953 860806 or email 

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