Friday, 13 May 2016

Could you represent Old Buckenham?

Show your sporting abilities

Last year Old Buckenham entered the Norfolk Village Games at the UEA Sportspark for the first time. It was great fun and people are keen to enter again this year. We didn’t take it too seriously last year but still came back with a couple of trophies. So now is our chance to prove that our village is the best small sporting village in Norfolk.
Michelle Willford did much of the organising last time and will do it again, hopefully with lots of help from others in getting the various sports teams organised. The event will take place throughout the day on Sunday 10 July (the day after the village fete).
The competitions have been announced and are slightly different from last time. Here is the list in alphabetical order:
Archery: Both an adult and a junior competition Two adults are needed and also two who are under 16. Trophies will be awarded for both categories.
Athletics fitness challenge: A new event combining the aspects of the athletics and fitness challenge. There will be four activities across the day including a run, a cycle, a throw and one still to be announced (full details prior to the event). A team of four is needed, at least two of which must be under 16.
Badminton: Mixed doubles pair, open to anyone over 11 years old.
Darts: Individual competition open to anyone over 11 years old.
Gymnasticators – ‘This Girl Can’ competition: We will need a team of four to compete in this fun competition. Every team member will complete in a number of different challenges. More details on request prior to event.
Five-a-side football: Over 16 male-only competition, squad of up to seven players allowed.
Rounders: One mixed team of nine people (from a squad of twelve). Starting nine must consist of five under 16s and to include a minimum of two under 12s. A maximum of four adults at anyone time.
Short Mat Bowls: One team of three players, squad of four allowed, and open to anyone over 11 years old.
Table Tennis: Both an adult and a junior competition. Adult will be a singles competition. Competition for under 16s will be a skills challenge including a variety of different games and challenges. Villages can enter more than one player into both competition but only the highest finisher will count in the overall scoring.
Tennis: For a mixed doubles pair. Open to anyone over 11 years old.
This looks as if this will be the last year that this competition will be run so Old Buckenham needs to show what it is capable of.
If you are interested in taking part then please make contact with Michelle at without delay. If you can help by organising a team for one of the categories then that will be a great help. This could be an opportunity to learn a new sport. For instance the Short Mat Bowls team would be happy to try out some potential new players beforehand if someone wants to learn (contact Ron at if you are interested). For some of the events the whole family could be involved.
If you need any further persuasion, there will be special tee shirts printed for members of the Old Buckenham team, a once in a lifetime chance.

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