Sunday, 8 May 2016

Ancient music in Old Buckenham

Hurdy gurdy, crumhorn and ukulele
This afternoon there was entertainment in All Saints Church, Old Buckenham, by the duo Elizabeth and Malcolm Ecclestone, better know as Chanter's Jigge.
Their programme of songs and music was entitled 'Blow ye Winds', and found them in the Tudor courts, singing the odd sea shanty, dancing an Irish jig, visiting the Scottish highlands, walking the Norfolk coast and praising a sheep of huge bigness!
The variety of instruments played included the hurdy gurdy, bagpipes, small pipes, keyboard, guitar, ukulele, recorders, curtal, saxophones, whistles, crumhorn, rauschpfeife, chalumeau as well as the human voice.
Malcolm and Elizabeth have performed together for thirty years and Chanter's Jigge brings together some of the diverse styles of music with which they have entertained countless audiences over the years.
They invited the audience to join in with the choruses of the well-known folk songs, to clap their hands, stamp their feet or to rattle their jewellery to the lively jigs. During the interval there was a chance to have a closer look at the instruments being played in the performance.

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