Thursday, 16 July 2015

Current concerns in Old Buckenham

Public Recess at July Parish Council meeting
This report has been written by the blog editor from notes supplied by the parish clerk.
A resident asked about grass cutting along the footpath in Fen Street and Raggs Lane. A resident said minutes of previous meeting are put out at each meeting and asked for planning applications to be put out also for members of public to look at. A resident said he was not able to carry out maintenance of play area but would be willing to carry out monthly inspections. A resident asked if Tim Bornett was going to be part of the Neighbourhood Plan Working Party, Steve Milner said the matter would be considered. A resident asked why a public recess towards end of meeting was not put on the agenda and asked if public recess was officially part of the meeting. Steve Milner said the meeting is always suspended to allow public recess and therefore is not officially part of the meeting. The resident asked if the recess should form part of the minutes, Steve Milner said this would be considered. A resident said, as a former Norfolk County Councillor, he had met a lot of Parish Councils and said they included recess notes as part of the minutes. 
A resident said the Green is in a terrible condition and it used to be lovely. Steve Milner said that the management of the Green is the responsibility of Green Right Proprietors and he will raise the matter with them. The Green Right Proprietors are currently looking at new ways of managing the Green in the future. Tom Johnson said the height of the grass on the Green is an obstacle to clear vision of the roads and could even be considered dangerous. A resident said the Green should have a wildlife section but also be maintained and he would be a volunteer to help out maintaining the Green. 
A resident asked that a time scale should be introduced to deal with any points or questions raised during the recess. A resident said he had received an email dated 18 June 2015 from Norfolk County Council concerning Town and Parish Partnerships and asked if parish councillors were aware of it. The Clerk said the email was circulated to all councillors on 18 June and also a hard copy was in the councillors’ circulation folder. A resident raised the question of HGVs ignoring the weight restrictions on Hargham Road. Steve Milner said the matter would be raised by the Parish Council at the next police SNAP meeting. A resident raised matter of using our Norfolk County Council councillor to raise matters as he could maybe get things done faster.

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