Tuesday, 10 February 2015

February meeting of Old Buckenham Parish Council

Notes on latest parish council meeting
These notes have been written by the blog editor from the draft minutes and so may contain information that is amended at a later date.

All the parish councillors and two members of the public were present at the February meeting of Old Buckenham Parish Council. Paul Boggia declared an interest in one planning application. The meeting was suspended for a short while to allow members of the public to speak.
Minutes of January Parish Council meeting. Adrian Joel had said that £1,000 of Parish Council funds would be ring fenced for set up costs for a Neighbourhood Plan. With this amendment the minutes were signed as a true and accurate record of the meeting.
Matters arising from the minutes. Carol Marshall said that Mr Hicks had authorised payment of £250 to Scotty’s Little Heroes in lieu of his payment for maintaining the Play Area over the past year. Tim Ing asked for a letter to be sent to Mr Hicks thanking him for his work as he would no longer be able to do it in the future. Adrian Joel raised the matter of the MOGA at the new school when he suggested it be moved from right side of development to the left side away from nearby houses. Steve Milner said the County Council would not move the MOGA. John Frost and Paul Boggia raised the matter of school coaches causing problems in village when delivering and collecting children from school. The Parish Clerk to write to Norfolk County Council (NCC) on the matter.
Chapel Road School update. Steve Milner said there was a stakeholder meeting the previous week and it was reported that contracts had not yet been finalised but construction was planned to commence in March this year. The existing 30mph speed signs were due to be moved shortly. A tour of the school had been arranged for Monday 23 February and five people could attend. Chapel Road School would donate £1,000 for road safety issues. Adrian Joel said the Parish Council should be kept informed of any changes to the design of the school. Construction of the school is expected to be completed in May or June 2016 ready for use in the Autumn term. Derek Smalley suggested a liaison person from the village should be appointed and attend any meeting between contractors and NCC whenever any design changes are discussed. Steve Milner said it was already agreed by NCC that such a person could be appointed when a contractor is appointed.
Neighbourhood Plan update. Jonathan Kemp said two working party meetings had been held since the January parish council meeting and he gave details of what was discussed They will be doing a presentation at the Annual Parish Meeting and needed up to £122 to produce a leaflet publicising this before the Annual Parish Meeting by having inserts in the parish newsletter and the cost of printing the leaflets. It was proposed by Tim Ing and seconded by Steve Milner that they spend £122 on the matter and this was agreed by nine for, one against and one abstention.
Road safety update. Steve Milner reported that the Parish Council had placed the order for 20mph flashing speed signs which will be installed in approximately six weeks time. They will be positioned so that, if in the future a possible crossing point can be obtained, it can be placed within the two signs. Derek Smalley asked if the schools could be encouraged to give a donation. The Parish Council had submitted a bid for a SAM2 flashing speed sign under the 2015/16 Parish Partnership Scheme and are awaiting a decision from NCC on the matter.
Car Parking at Play Area and Ox & Plough. Paul Boggia said he had obtained three quotes for repairing the parking area by the play area and the Ox & Plough. One was for £3200 plus vat, one was £2,590 with no vat and the third was £3,540 plus vat. Steve Milner said that all three surfaces are different from that which was originally agreed with the Green Right Proprietors which was for a grass surface area. He thought none of the three surfaces quoted for would be acceptable to the Green Right Proprietors. He also said the Parish Council do not have funds to pay for any of the above quotes. He said the current state of the parking area was not safe as there was a raised BT manhole cover which could result in someone tripping over it. He then proposed that all ropes, signs, posts and the damaged matting be removed and to close it as a parking area as the Parish Council has a legal liability for the area. Other councillors agreed to assist in doing what was proposed. Tim Ing suggested that the matter be discussed at the AGM of the Green Right Proprietors later this month and seek their views on the situation.
Adoption of Transparency Code policy document. The Parish Clerk said the Parish Council were legally obliged to have such a policy and asked for their approval. It was agreed unanimously that the policy document be adopted.
Planning applications. Land at corner of Crown Rd/Grove Road. Erection of two timber-clad holiday cabins and bed and breakfast for horses. It was proposed by Derek Smalley that it be approved but that a business plan should be required and restraints put on letting periods to ensure no long term rental and that actual layout and cabins may differ from original application. This was agreed with four for, three against and four abstentions.
Roughlands, Grove Road. Minor material amendment to previous application in respect of removal of the first floor loft element and revision of footprint. There were no objections from the parish council.
Planning decisions received from Breckland. Burghfields, Stacksford. Demolish rear porch and conservatory and erect first floor extension over whole dwelling and remodel. Permission granted.
Orchard House, Mill Road. Erection of two-storey residential extension. Permission granted.
Approval of accounts payable. Akis Chrisoviledes asked questions relating to the payments to HMRC. The Parish Clerk explained that the payroll company had made RTI to HMRC but, due to administrative and personnel issues, the tax had not been remitted. Now all outstanding tax had been paid and reclaimed from Douglas Tonks.
Chairman’s report. Steve Milner said he had a meeting with stakeholders about Chapel Road school and he had also visited the Junior School to meet new headteacher who seemed very impressive. They would be getting children to design road safety posters and the four winning ones chosen at Easter will be printed and displayed on the Green.
District Councillor’s report. Adrian Joel reported the successful launch of the 14 new affordable houses in March Field Way last year. Cotman Housing have had a meeting with Breckland Council looking to launch phase three of up to a further 18 houses. Breckland need to establish the need under the local connection scheme and are to send out a housing needs survey to all residents in the middle of May to establish the need for further houses under the local connection scheme. Adrian Joel also attended the Breckland Parish and Town Forum in Swaffham and the areas covered at the meeting included corporate plan, budget consultation and community grant funding. He also attended a meeting of the proposed Greater Attleborough Development Partnership (GADP). The meeting was called by the deputy CEO of Breckland Council and included Breckland Council, Norfolk County Council, Attleborough Town Council Neighbourhood Plan and other stakeholders. The intention is to appoint an independent chairman who will select a board with several working groups reporting into it. With Attleborough being the nearest market town, Adrian Joel felt it was important that Old Buckenham Parish Council have representation to ensure we have the best services available to Old Buckenham residents. These would include transport, health, retail, roads. The GADP is about co-ordination of investment and the delivery of aspirations rather than a new plan.
Parish Councillors’ reports. Tom Johnson said he had attended a meeting with Old Buckenham Village Hall and there would be a film show there the following evening. Paul Boggia reported school coaches causing a problem in the village and the Parish Clerk is to take the matter up with NCC. Adrian Joel said all the allotments were now let and a tenant had asked if he could erect a white polytunnel on his allotment – the Parish Council agreed this. Carol Marshall reported that the work on the Almshouses will start at the beginning of March and hopefully finish before the end of April. The work on the Almshouses will include refurbishing roofs, replacing windows, fitting new kitchens and the installation of wet rooms.
Highways. Tom Johnson reported a three-car accident in Ragmere Road due to ice on the road from water coming up from the mains. The Parish Clerk is to contact Anglian Water on the matter. Derek Smalley reported that the 30mph sign in Cake Street is still on the ground, the Parish Clerk to take up the matter with Highways. The sides of the road into Stacksford, at the Old Buckenham end, have started to collapse and the Parish Clerk will inform NCC.
The Green. The Green Right Proprietors will be holding their AGM on Tuesday 24 February at the Church Rooms. It was reported that the duck house on the pond should be reinstated and a villager could possibly pay the costs. A resident in Post Office Terrace had complained about the potholes and Sarah Dye said that the residents are allowed to fill them in themselves. Tim Ing suggested that the Green Right Proprietors apply to the Former Surveyors Land Charity for a grant to clear out the pond and trim back a tree. It was reported that the High School will be carrying out a litter pick on the Green on Monday 23 February.

The next meeting of Old Buckenham Parish Council will be on Thursday 5 March at the Village Hall commencing at 7.30pm.

The agenda for this meeting will be1. Apologies
2. Declaration of interest of items on the agenda
3. Public recess
4. Minutes of the parish council meeting of Thursday 5 February 2015
5. Matters arising from the minutes
6. Neighbourhood plan update
7. Planning applications. 3pl/2015/0118/f Rodwells, Attleborough Road. Demolish existing garage and replace with single side storey extension. 3pl/2015/0096/f Old Buckenham airbase. New museum and separate sanitary block each housed in separate Nissen huts. 3pl/2015/0080/f Former Macro's builders yard, Hargham Road. Demolish one outbuilding and change of use of three outbuildings to storage of motor vehicles.
8. Planning decisions received
9. Approval of accounts payable/finance
10. Chairman’s report
11. District councillor’s report
12. Parish councillors’ reports
13. Parish clerk’s report
14. Highways
15. The Green
16. To confirm date and time of next meeting, Thursday 2 April in Old Buckenham Village Hall at 7.30pm.

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