Friday, 16 January 2015

What Old Buckenham is talking about

Public recess notes
This report on the subjects discussed during the recess session at the January Parish Council meeting have been written by the newsletter editor from notes supplied by the parish clerk.
A resident asked for road side markers outside his house as his verge is getting damaged. The Parish Clerk is to speak to highways on matter. A resident raised the matter of parking at the Village Hall where a notice had been issued stating he would be reported to the police. Steve Milner responded on behalf of Village Hall as this was not really a matter for the Parish Council. The resident said the problem of parking at village hall had not been resolved but just moved to the highway. Things had changed as in the past residents could use the car park to drop off their children at school with no restrictions since the late 1970s. Steve Milner explained the previous attempts to resolve the problem of the car park which were not successful. Adrian Joel suggested asking NCC for permission to use part of the playing field at the bottom of the school for parking and residents could raise a petition in support of this. Steve Milner responded and said NCC would never allow this. Another resident asked if Old Buckenham residents had to pay for a parking permit. Steve Milner responded that they, along with non- residents, have to pay. Steve Milner said that most residents were happy with present arrangements regarding permits and the Village Hall was trying to increase the number of parking spaces available.

A resident raised the point of the Special Meeting held the previous Saturday and residents are not sure whether Old Buckenham should or should not have a Neighbourhood Plan. It was also suggested that Jonathan Kemp take over as chairman of the Working Party dealing with the matter. A resident said that he was disappointed that the Special Meeting of the Parish Council on Monday 5 January was attended by only two Parish Councillors and three members of the public. Steve Milner responded that a lot of the Parish Councillors had been ill.

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