Friday, 9 January 2015

Daily pictures of Old Buckenham

Why not join our project?
The project to take a photo on every day of 2015 and to post it on a dedicated website is now underway. You can see the pictures taken so far if you go to
Even better, if you would like to to help by taking pictures yourself, please contact either Steve Milner on or the blog editor on
There are twenty people on the rota so far so it's not a huge commitment, not more than eight days in the whole of the year. The photo does have to be taken and downloaded on your designated day. You don't have to live in Old Buckenham, perhaps you work here or regularly come to meetings in the village. And you don't have to have an expensive camera either.
Although it has to be taken within the parish of Old Buckenham, that does give you plenty of options.
The blog editor had his first turn today, took a quick walk around the Green and the allotments and below are some of the images he didn't use (but might give you some ideas of what you could take in future).

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