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Old Buckenham Parish Council in September

September parish council meeting
These notes have been written by the blog editor from the draft minutes and so may contain information that is changed at a later date.

At the September meeting of Old Buckenham Parish Council all councillors were there apart from Tim Ing, Sarah Dye and Derek Smalley who had sent their apologies. Fourteen members of the public attended and also Stephen Askew, the Norfolk County Councillor for this area.
There was a public recess at the beginning of the meeting to allow members of the public to give their views (a list of subjects raised will be published as a separate blog post tomorrow).
Minutes of previous Parish Council meeting. These were signed as a true and accurate record of the meeting.
Matters arising from the minutes. Tom Johnson raised matter of potholes around the village. The Parish Clerk responded by saying that Norfolk County Council have a large programme ongoing regarding potholes and there were thousands throughout the county which were being dealt with. The Parish Clerk to speak to Highways on the matter.
Minutes of Special Council Meeting on Thursday 14 August 2014. These were signed as a true and accurate record of the meeting.
Matters arising from these minutes. Adrian Joel asked that the approval given to the planning application for Chapel Road school be revoked and a new discussion and vote take place. The Parish Clerk informed the meeting that he had received the required number of written notices to overturn the previous vote. The item is to be put on the October agenda. Tom Johnson raised the matter of councillors having to have a computer to be able to access documents as this could preclude some people becoming councillors if they did not have a computer or were not computer literate.
Adoption of New Grievance and Disciplinary Procedure. Paul Boggia asked if the matter could be deferred. Adrian Joel said that he felt that with 15 pages it is too complicated. The Parish Clerk said the code presented was the one recommended by NALC and both Akis Chrisovelides and Jonathan Kemp said it was good practice to have a code. Paul Boggia proposed deferring the adoption of the policy until the October meeting and this was agreed with 5 for and 3 against.
Adoption of Financial Regulations. It was agreed that the new policy document be adopted.
Allocation of Parish Council Funds. This matter was deferred until a later date.
Planning applications. 6 Oaklands. Two-storey front extension. It was proposed by Akis Chrisovelides and seconded by John Frost that the parish council should object to this as it extended too far forward and was out of character. This was agreed with 7 for and 1 abstention.
Vine Cottage, 64 Fen Street. Single-storey rear extension to dwelling and erection of two-storey side extension. There were no objections, this was agreed with 7 for and 1 abstention.
Planning decisions received from Breckland. 5 Fen Street. Two-storey residential extension. Permission granted.
Mill Farm, Fen Street. Removal of concrete render and replace with lime-based render. Permission granted.
Almshouses, The Green. Replacement of corrugated asbestos cement bathroom roofing and steel windows to 10 Almshouses. Permission granted.
Stonehouse Farm, Stacksford. Conversion of former pump room and store to form self-contained holiday rental. Permission granted.
Chairman’s report. Steve Milner had recently attended a meeting in Attleborough regarding the Tuesday motor cycle meetings at the Ox and Plough. Some actions have been put into place to regulate the meets and these seem to have had some good effect. Another meeting with the police will be arranged soon and parking at pub is still a problem. He is seeking a meeting with NCC regarding Chapel Road School and is liaising with Stephen Askew and trying to arrange a meeting with George Freeman MP. He has received a suggestion of the Parish Council setting up a working party, if the planning application for the school is successful, to monitor the situation as the building progresses. Jonathan Kemp agreed to be the representative on such a working party. The Village Hall are arranging a three-night international film festival at the end of November.
District Councillor’s report. Adrian Joel reported that the Boundary Commission have completed their review of ward boundaries in Breckland. The total number of wards has been reduced from 54 to 49, with Old Buckenham and New Buckenham combining with Banham to form The Buckenham and Banham ward. These changes will take place from the 2015 District Council elections. The new affordable dwellings in St Andrews Close are finally near to completion. All 14 dwellings will shortly be allocated to those with connections to the village and they could be moving in late September. Breckland have put up to £950,000 to improve high speed broadband in Breckland. They gained match funding from central government which gives a total of £1.9 million towards the project. High speed broadband should now be available to all residents in Old Buckenham and if anyone requires the service they should contact their broadband supplier. With effect from Wednesday 1 October, residents can place both glass and plastic in their black recycling bins. Adrian Joel has asked VERG to place a notice in village newsletter to ask residents to continue to use the glass recycling bins in the village hall car park as this provides income for the village hall.
Parish Councillors’ reports. Tom Johnson reported that the Village Hall Committee have asked the Parish Council for a rent increase on the Recreation Area as per lease conditions allow. The Village Hall will also be asking the Parish Council for a grant of up to £3,000 to improve the insulation of the village hall. Akis Chrisovelides asked that if the parish had prepared a Neighbourhood Plan, would it have stopped the Chapel Road School? This item to be put on the October agenda. Adrian Joel asked for the allotments to also be put on October agenda. Tim Ing is to speak to the farmer regarding any possible increase in the rental. John Frost has been going around and cutting the grass under the benches and it should be noted that he does this on a voluntary basis and receives no payment for it. Carol Marshall said a whole village garage sale was being held on Sunday 21 September with 30 pitches. It will start at 10am and go on until 1pm.
Parish Clerk’s report. The Clerk said that the Parish Council accounts had been passed by the Government auditors with no comments or alterations. The Standing Order Working Party had finished their work and he would be sending out a copy of the new standing orders for councillors to read as they need to be adopted as soon as possible.
Highways. The Parish Clerk is to follow up with NCC Highways regarding potholes in village.
The Green. The Green Right Proprietors will be holding a meeting on Tuesday 21 October and Steve Milner will be attending on behalf of the Parish Council.

The next meeting of Old Buckenham Parish Council will be on Thursday 2 October in the Village Hall starting at 7.30pm.

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