Sunday, 21 September 2014

Dog show in Old Buckenham

All sorts and sizes
This afternoon there was a one-off dog show on Old Buckenham Green. It had been organised by Rosedale Funeral Home as part of a challenge they had set themselves to raise £10,000 through various charity events in 2014. This time the money raised would go to help with the upkeep of All Saints Church in Old Buckenham.
A village of small tented structures started going up during the morning and entries for the many classes were being taken from noon onwards.

There were over a hundred entries and some classes took rather a long while to judge. There were dogs of all shapes and sizes parading around the ring and being scrutinised by the judges before rosettes were awarded.

Finally all the class winners were summoned to the ring so that the 'best in show' could be decided and the final awards handed out.

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