Friday, 11 October 2013

Chapel Road School to move to Old Buckenham?

Possible new school for village
Today Norfolk County Council has published a proposal to relocate and expand Chapel Road Complex Needs School, at present in Attleborough, to a site in Old Buckenham. They would like to hear the early views on the proposal from the people of Old Buckenham.
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Chapel Road Complex Needs School in Attleborough presently provides 60 places for children and young people aged three to 19. It has been consistently judged outstanding by Ofsted. The school buildings need modernising and it needs a larger site. The school therefore needs to be rebuilt if it is to meet the future needs of its pupils who have a range of complex needs.
The Council have been working alongside the governing body and headteacher for a number of years to try to make the new school a reality. A key requirement has always been to locate the new building close to a high school and if possible a primary school so it can develop as part of a wider educational campus. This would offer the opportunity to share resources and for students and staff to work alongside different groups of learners.
A good location has emerged in Old Buckenham. The County Council have identified a large piece of land close to the primary school and opposite the high school and are currently in informal negotiations with the owner of the site.
A new school would not fully open until 2016 but, if it were to be built in Old Buckenham, now is a good time to consider how the facilities might benefit the whole community as well as the three schools.
The first of a series of drop-in sessions has been arranged so people can come and discuss the proposed way forward with representatives from Norfolk County Council, the three schools and NPS Property Consultants Ltd. It will be held in the hall of Old Buckenham Community Primary School on Tuesday 22 October between 3pm and 7.30pm
There will be displays of how the site might be used and the opportunity to hear ideas of how the proposed new school could integrate in the village and discuss the opportunities it could present.
For those unable to come along, they can express their views by emailing

or write using the Freepost address School Sites Review, Freepost, IH2076, County Hail, Martineau Lane, Norwich, NR1 2BR
or by telephoning on 0344 800 8020.
The next stage will be for NPS Property Consultants Ltd to develop a design for the building and the wider site and for negotiations on the acquisition of the site to continue. The County Council plan to hold another event sometime in January/February 2014 to share their ideas and get local views before submitting a planning application.

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