Saturday, 14 September 2013

Old Buckenham dance cancelled

Sorry but...
A decision has been taken to cancel the barn dance that had been organised for tonight. All monies paid will be refunded and if further information is required to call 07722 087858.
Despite much local publicity there has not been enough take up of tickets and the organisers deeply regret any inconvenience caused.


Anonymous said...

What a shame
We seem to have missed out on a fantastic family event by being a bit slow to purchase our tickets so assuring the organisers that we want this dance.
Hopefully they will want to organise this dance for us all next year ?

Anonymous said...

Just found out that dance is cancelled
What a shame
My family was really looking forward to it
Hope it goes ahead next year pleaseeeeeee

Steve Milner said...

iHi Everybody
We are sorry to all that we have had to cancel. Unfortunately we had only sold a few tickets and felt the best course of action was to avoid the significant costs of putting on the event and cancel.
PLEASE please please for future events show your support by buying advance tickets. Potential losses for poor attendance go into the hundreds of pounds. Seeing advance bookings alleviates some of the stress.
Oganisers of village events put a lot of time and to some degree money it these occasions and if we do not show our support by committing to going, they will stop.
There are lots of events coming up, Fake Thakery tickets are on sale now, so come on, give these organising heroes your support by BUYING TICKETS

Steve (a very stressed organiser)

steve milner said...

Barn Dance
We are sorry about the cancellation but as ticket sales were so low it was felt we could not take the risk of losses running into 100s of pounds

It is crucial that advanced tickets are bought, it is very stressful organising these events and if support is not demonstrated by sales it is unbearably stress full

Fake Thakery is coming up in a few weeks, and to date hardly any tickets have been sold.

This is a top class live act that would cost three times the price charged by village hall if you went to Norwich.

So come on, support these organising heroes and buy tickets NOW.