Saturday, 14 September 2013

Dorothy woos Old Buckenham

But only briefly...
Steve and Lynn Milner, along with David Hannah, spent a nervous day (on Friday 13 September) watching the weather forecast to see if it would be dry enough for the outdoor showing of The Wizard of Oz. Unfortunately heavy rain was forecast for 8pm so the decision was made that an indoor venue would be needed. Headmaster Paul Andrew of Old Buckenham Primary School saved the day by offering the use of the school's main hall.
The principle of this cinema experience was that all the power was to be generated by bicycles. Electric Pedals arrived with the equipment and a bicycle-powered cinema appeared out of a couple of boxes. The WI arrived with cakes, Lynn and Vicky had made soup and even bags of pop corn were available. All was set.
The kids loved the bikes and thanks to the efforts of Lucy Womack and the children, there was soon enough power to make a start. A cheer went up from the 70 strong audience as the main feature started and Dorothy and Toto wooed us with their acting! As Dorothy started the first song, “Over the Rainbow”, the whole room broke into song and joined in.
But then disaster struck. Not Dorothy being sucked up into a whirlwind but a disappearing picture and a message saying no signal. Following a gallant effort from Kaz (Electric Pedals), and a dash to find a replacement cable, the performance had to be abandoned.
This was so disappointing after the euphoria of the first song. However a promise was made that there will be another attempt later and hopefully it will be outdoors.

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Ashley Morrison said...

Looking forward to the re-scheduled event