Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Old Buckenham talk on India and Sri Lanka

Breckland Flower and Garden Club
Members at the June meeting of the Breckland Flower and Garden Club were treated to a talk entitled 'Chaos and Curry' to warm them up on a dull day .
John and Anne Bridge from Norwich came along to Old Buckenham Village Hall to give a very light hearted slide show and talk of their visit to India and Sri Lanka. Anne was dressed in her splendid sari and the afternoon began with some facts and pictures. The population of Delhi is 18 million, there are children begging on the streets surrounded with lovely buildings and temples, snake charmers, tuk-tuks everywhere but not many fresh flowers and plants.
Their visit also included a trip to the Taj Mahal with its mosaic pattern gardens of grass, a local market with fruit, vegetables, meat and fish all out on show and to the Red Temple with its flower beds of coleus and ficus hedging. They concluded with a trip to the botanical gardens and also to the hills to see the tea pickers taking the tips from the camelia plant to make that good old cup of tea.
The afternoon’s competition winners for an ‘arrangement for a summer lunch table' were Alyson Walker (Novice class) and Shirley Penfold (Advanced). The Renee Hambley trophy for the best use of colour also went to Alyson Walker.
In the show table for the ‘First rose of Summer’, Shirley Penfold was first, Margaret Newman second and Christine Hewson third.
Next month’s meeting will be on Thursday 11 July and will take the form of a vintage garden tea party at Roseville in Carleton Rode. Contact Sally for further details on 789712.

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