Monday, 27 May 2013

Old Buckenham discusses localism

Localism and local cider
Localism was the theme for the May meeting of Old Buckenham WI.
Decisions had to be made about the WI resolution for this year. Every year a new campaign is promoted by the WI to enhance community life and this year the subject was the decline of our high streets and town centres. The discussion centred on the habit of supermarket shopping (quick and convenient) and online buying (usually cheaper). Most members abstained from voting on the resolution as it was thought that this campaign was not worth fighting. Mary Portus has better media coverage.
To relax, the WI had invited Steven Fisher along to tell his audience all about cider making. With samples in hand, members sat back and listened to Steven telling the history of cider making in this country. He started with the Celts fermenting crab apples to produce a drink, two thousand years ago. During the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries farm workers were partly paid in cider at harvest time. Government legislation forced many small cider makers to close during the Victorian era. But there has been a resurgence of the boutique cider and apple juice maker in recent years. Being organic and with health giving properties who could resist buying a bottle or two from Old Buckenham’s own cider maker.
Lastly there was the opportunity to buy garden plants which had been donated by members to help raise funds for the Old Buckenham WI. Many members went home with apple juice, cider and a plant or two after a very sociable evening. 
At the June meeting David Morton will be telling members about the history of Buckingham Palace.

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