Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Old Buckenham High School celebrates

Seventy-five years young
This evening was a chance for many local people to go back and relive their youth, a chance for previous staff to go back and see what had changed and a chance for the blog editor (who went to school over a hundred miles away) to wander around the village High School.
Old Buckenham High School opened 75 years ago so a celebration evening was arranged and all were invited. The school band played to entertain everyone, the original school cane was brought out of retirement so that the present headmaster, Peter Whear, could play his part for the photographer from the local newspaper and people scoured the old school photos to try to find the one that they were in.
And most of those attending found plenty of people to talk to about those 'good old days'.

75 Years of Us

Written by Georgina Dunkinson, OBHS Poet Laureate 2012/2013

Old Buck High
There's so much to it
I could put it together
Slowly, bit by bit
But if you hadn't been there
It would mean nothing
To be true to you
It has to mean something

If you hadn't…

Burst through the school gates
Hoping you're not late
Forgot some schoolbooks too
To your mum, hadn't mentioned
You got a detention
Thinking, why is it always you?

If you hadn't...

Tried your best
On that really hard test
And finally got top marks
Or done something noble
Just to be helpful
And in your tummy, felt that spark

If you hadn't...

Won the game on a whole
Because you scored the goal
And soared up to cloud nine
Or made anew friend
Your best in the end
And everything was just fine

If you hadn't…

Seen that play
At the end of the day
That seemed to finish so fast
Cooked that cake
When you just couldn't bake
And got that grade at last

Because if you didn't
Or hadn't, you wouldn't
Know all the fun we've had
Big, bright and bold
75 years old
And today we're feeling glad


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Faith Batson said...

I was just wondering whether there were any school photos between 1968 and 1973 when I was at the school. My name was Faith Boyd and my Sister and Brother were Frances Boyd and Christopher Boyd. I know there were photos taken of the whole school as I can remember that but I don't have any, and wondered whether someone might have. Kind Regards Faith