Sunday, 17 March 2013

Church windows at Old Buckenham

A thousand years of local history
It was an unusual way to spend a Saturday evening - sitting in a rather chilly church lit just by candles and watching a PowerPoint presentation on a screen in front of the pulpit.
Alison Hannah gave a talk on the history of All Saints, Old Buckenham, pointing out that there has probably been a church on this site for over a thousand years and went through the changes that have taken place during that period. She explained how the building had expanded over the years, how the octagonal tower may once have been circular and that the tower was once surmounted by a spire that later collapsed.
Of particular interest was the development of the stained glass windows that adorn the building. Some very old glass remains and is now in need of specialist restoration. Other windows have been installed over the years by various renowned stained glass producers.
Fund raising is in progress to ensure that vital repairs can be carried out to ensure the historical glass is conserved so that it will be available for people to see for hundreds of more years.
For more information on the individual stained glass windows in All Saints, go to After the talk everyone collected for drinks and refreshments in the nearby Church Rooms. A collection was made to help fund the restoration of the stained glass windows and raised £222.71 which was a worthwhile reward for all the effort that had been put into evening's event.

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